Welcome to “la yoga” - your yoga retreat at Hotel Es Moli

Welcome to “la yoga” - your yoga retreat at Hotel Es Moli

We invite you to this Yoga retreat to connect; to connect with the mountains of the Tramuntana, to connect with the beautiful atmosphere at Hotel Es Moli, the people that work here and the guests that stay here.

Agnete & Linda will inspire, motivate and treat you with kindness. By having two instructors, they can give each one of you time and professional support.

Doing yoga with Linda and Agnete will give you focus, laughter, flexibility and absolute well-being. We will be your hosts and are committed to do our very best, to make sure that your retreat at Hotel Es Moli in Deia, Mallorca will be stored in your body as a beautiful memory.

Agnete and Linda are from Denmark, where they founded “la yoga”. They are both very experienced yoga instructors with international educations and experience. Linda and Agnete have taught retreats at Hotel Es Moli in Deia previously with huge success and are now planning retreats in May and October 2023.

So, if you are interested and curious about yoga, beginner or advanced please join us at Hotel Es Moli for nurturing, fun and challenging yoga.

Come and join us!

Next available retreats at the Hotel Es Moli in 2023:

Yoga Retreat in the fall. It will be held from 23.10 – 28.10.


Next available retreats at the Hotel Es Moli  in 2024:

Yoga Retreat in spring. It will be held from the 23.04.-28.04.2024

 Duration of each retreat: 6 days.


Please book your next yoga retreat at Hotel Es Moli on www.la-yoga.com. For more information, please contact Linda & Agnete at info@la-yoga.com

Your instructors:

Linda: an international yogi, living for the last 10 years in Hong Kong, the same place where she started her yoga education. Linda is an enthusiastic person and very warm-hearted. She can be very serious or filled with loud laughter. Linda will, when you are ready, help you push your limits. Sometimes that may mean you need to work harder physically and sometimes it may mean for you to back out of a pose…

Agnete: will guide you into an experience orientated form for yoga. She will teach you how to become aware and listen to your body and be true to yourself. She loves the mix of Yin and Yang and is fascinated by how transformation happens.

Explanations of the different types of yoga we represent:

Soft Hatha: we are mainly doing poses sitting or lying on the Yoga mat. A good place to start.

Hatha: classic poses in a slow pace. Poses can be more or less challenging. You will have time to get into the pose and you do not need to be experienced.

Vinyasa: Also known as Flow Yoga, where you are moving from one pose to the other, in the rhythm with your breath. Flow yoga can be soft and gentle but it can also be fast and powerful, raising your pulse. Expect 3-10 Sun Salutations and standing poses. It is an advantage if you are already familiar to yoga.

Yin Yoga: The passive (muscular passive) form of yoga, where we are holding a stretching pose between 2-8 minutes. You need very little physical strength here as we will be working on the mental strength. You will mainly be sitting or lying on the yoga mat.

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