The municipality of Deia, home of the Country House Hotel with Charm Es Moli, in Deia (Majorca), is one of the most picturesque and international rural centres in Majorca. Aristocrats such as the Archduke Luis Salvador of Habsburg and Lorena lived here and delighted in the natural beauty of the surrounding area. The archduke was attracted to this coastal region by the starkness of its beauty. From the moment he arrived in Majorca, if he ever came across a countryman about to cut down a hundred year old olive tree, he would buy the tree and the land it stood upon. This was how he saved this coastal strip of land studded with olive trees between the villages of Deia and Valldemossa, where you now find the Country House Hotel with Charm Es Moli, in Deia (Majorca).

Various artists: painters, sculptors, ceramicists, writers etc. have become established in Deia over the years.

It was the English poet Robert Graves who brought world fame to this village, along with residents and visitors such as the actors Peter Ustinov and Ava Gardner, painters such as Picasso, Paul Hogarth and Matti Klarwein, the musicians Mike Oldfield and Kevin Ayers and celebrities such as Richard Branson and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

It is well worth having a stroll through the narrow alleyways to take a good look around the local artists’ workshops and galleries, where you will be welcome to view their latest creations; visit the beautiful little church and adjacent cemetery; swim at the gorgeous cove in Deia or in one of the other idyllic corners of the coast; or walk along the leafy paths that weave their way across the surrounding hills. Light, colour, landscape, harmony and tranquillity abound in this little part of the Majorcan Tramuntana, where time seems to have stood still.

Deia (Majorca) - Interesting Facts:

Altitude: 300 metres above sea level
Position: 39º45´00´´N 2º37´59´´E
Total area: 15,21Km2
Population: 850 (2014)
Fiestas in Deiá: The village celebrates its patron saint, San Juan Bautista, on the 24th of June.
Highest point in the municipality:Puig des Teix (Mount Teix) stands at 1,064 metres, the peak marks the highest point of Deia.
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Deia council:

Deia (Majorca) - Museums:

Ca n’Alluny is a magnificent house and museum where you can get a sense of Robert Graves everyday life in Deia.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10 to 16.20 h; Saturday from 10 to 13 h. Closed Sunday.

Deia Archaeological Museum and Investigation Centre. was founded in 1962 by the American painter and archaeologist Dr. William H. Waldren.
Opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 15 to 18 h. (June to September, from 16 to 19 h).

Deia Parish Church Museum. Situated next to the church sitting at the top of the hill, the museum houses works of art and objects that have been donated to the chapel over the years.
Opening hours: Saturday from 9 to 19 h.

Son Marroig (The Museum of the Archduke Luis Salvador) is only 2km from the Country House Hotel with Charm Es Moli in Deia (Majorca). The property Son Marroig, situated next to the Miramar Monastery, was built in 1927 by Antoni Ribas Prats. The museum contains artefacts from the time of the Archduke Luis Salvador’s residence in Deia, including paintings by Joan Bauçà, Joaquim Mir and Ribas himself. The collection includes a collection of Phoenician, Greek and Roman ceramics along with Spanish Arabic ceramics.

Deia (Majorca) - Music Festivals:

For lovers of classical music, there are two famous festivals that take place very near the Country House Hotel with Charm Es Moli in Deia (Majorca): Festival Internacional de Deiá and the Festival Chopin in Valldemossa. Both events feature some of the most well-known and respected performers of the season. Many clients of the Country House Hotel with Charm Es Moli in Deia (Majorca) return year after year for these international events renowned for their quality.