Day Trips

Caló de s'Estaca

Caló de Sa Estaca

Level: Medium
Distance: 6 Km
Gradient: 400mts↑ 400mts↓
Time: 3,30h walking + breaks.
Route: “Ca Madò Pilla” (400m)- Chapel of Ramón Llull (350m)- “Caló de s’Estaca” (sea level)- Sightseeing point Sa Rassa” (300m)- “Ca Madò Pilla” (400m).
Description: From the Hotel Es Moli, transfer by van (5 min) to “Ca Madò Pilla”, the starter and finish point of the walk. From here we have to go down through the pine forest to reach “Es Caló de s’Estaca” (old fishing hamlet), and we go back, going up a different route, with amazing views of the area.
Main features: We are walking through the area which belonged to the Archduke Lluis Salvador, so we will see many architectural features from his time, special sightseeing points and the Chapel dedicated to Ramon Llull. Also we will visit the picturesque old fishing hamlet of “Es Caló de s’Estaca”.
Guide advice: Good health and reasonable fitness are important.
Camí de Pintors

Painter’s Path

Level: Easy-Medium.
Distance: 8 Km.
Gradient: 330mts↑ 330mts↓
Time: 3h walking + breaks.
Route: Deia (140m)- “Cami de Castelló” (250m)- Llucalcari (80m)- Painters path (40m)- Cala Deia (sea level)- Deia (140m).
Description: Starting at the Hotel Es Moli we make a lovely circuit close to Deia bay area, where we will visit the Llucalcari hamlet, the picturesque painter´s path and Cala Deia.
Main features: Beautiful circular walk along the Deia coast, with superb views of the area. Enjoy the sunset on the sea or have a swim in the turquoise water.
Guide advice: Good health and reasonable fitness are important.

From Valldemossa to Deia

Level: Medium.
Distance: 8 Km
Gradient: 475mts↑ 765mts↓
Time: 4’30h walking + breaks.
Route: Valldemossa (450m)- Camí de s’Arxiduc (925m)- Hotel Es Moli (160m)-
Description: From the Hotel Es Moli, transfer to Valldemossa by van (10 min), the starter point. We go up throw the oak forest to reach the stunning Archduke ridge, to go down (in some sections quite steep) by the amazing mountain path of “Ses voltetes de Son Rul.lan” to finish directly at the Hotel Es Moli.
Main features: From the amazing Archduke path, we get amazing views to the north and also south side of Mallorca. The best views to Deia and Sa Foradada!
Guide advice: Good health and reasonable fitness are important.
Puig de l'Ofre

L’Ofre Peak (1093m)

Level: Difficult
Distance: 12 Km
Gradient: 1100mts↑ 1000mts↓
Time: 7h caminando con descansos
Route: Biniaraix (100m)- Portell de sa Costa (930m)- Puig de ses Solanes (970)- Coll de l’Ofre ( 875)- L’Ofre Peak (1093m) Barranc de Biniaraix (700m) Biniaraix (100m).
Description: From the Hotel Es Moli, transfer by van to Biniaraix (25min), the starter and finish point of the walk. We have to go up by the secondary rout of “Es Marroig” and the spectacular mountain path of “Es Portell de sa Costa” to continue the ascent to the top of l’Ofre Peak. We go down by the famous and classic path of “Barranc of Biniaraix” to the village of Biniaraix.
Main features: Long walk, with very impressive views of the Soller valley and the plain of Mallorca from the top. We will go down by the most classic mountain stone path of the Tramuntana Range: “Es Barranc de Biniaraix”.
Guide advice: Good health and reasonable fitness are important.
Sa Costera

Sa Costera – Cala Tuent

Level: Medium
Distance: 14 Km
Gradient: 260mts↑ 645mts↓
Time: 4h walking + breaks
Route: Sightseeing point “Mirador de ses Barques” (400m)- “Balitx d’Avall” (150m)- “Coll de Biniamar”(365m) -Cala Tuent (sea level).
Description: From the hotel Es Moli, transfer by van (25min) to “Es Mirador de ses Barques”. From here we start walking down to “Balitx d’Avall”, an old farm with a very strong traditional olive culture. Here we can enjoy a lovely fresh orange juice. Then we start going up to reach the stunning Costera bay, to keep going from one side to the other side of this bay to reach Cala Tuent.
Main features: We are going to do the most classical coastal tour of this mountain range. The picturesque Costera Bay is the last wild big bay in all over Mallorca. We come back to the Port of Soller by boat (35min) or directly to the hotel by private transport (70min).
Guide advice: Good health and reasonable fitness are important.
S MallorcAlpina (2)

Sa Galera Peak (910mts)

Level: Medium
Distance: 10 Km
Gradient: 700mts↑ 770mts↓
Time: 5h walking + breaks.
Route: Can Bleda (210m)- Pla d’en Marc (540m)- Sa Galera peak (910m)- Pla d’en Marc (540m)- Deia (140m).
Description: From the Hotel Es Moli, transfer by van (10min) to Can Bleda, the starter point of the walk. From here, we have to go up through the oak forest to reach the summit of the spectacular panoramic sightseeing point of Sa Galera peak. On our way back, first, we go down the same route (45min), and then we continue going down another beautiful route to reach Deia.
Main features: We go up to one of the most hidden and spectacular panoramic sightseeing point of the “Serra de Tramuntana”.
Guide advice: Good health and reasonable fitness are important.

Tailor made hikes available exclusively for Es Moli Hotel guests

Clients can hire a private guide through Es Moli Hotel to accompany them on walks all over the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.

You choose the surroundings you prefer and how long you would like the walk to be and we make sure you enjoy a truly unique day out, with very exclusive service, the highest levels of safety and relevant complementary information.

The most beautiful routes through the Serra de Tramuntana, specially designed for you.
Senderismo MallorcAlpina 2

Eduard Casajuana:

  • Manager and guide at MallorcAlpina.
  • Member of the Spanish mountain guides association (AEGM nº351)
  • President and founder of the Soller Mountain and Climbing Club (CMES)
  • 16 years of professional experience, since 1999.
  • Sporting portfolio and mountaineering experience: Has taken part in activities in Mallorca, the Pyrenees, the Atlas Mountains, the Swiss, Italian and French Alps, Mexican volcanoes, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, the Andes, and the Himalayas.
  • He has worked on the Italian, French and Swiss Alps. He is also the first mountain guide from the Balearics to have worked in the Himalayas in Nepal.
Senderismo MallorcAlpina 2

David Casajuana:

David is a leading example for all mountain guides on the island. He was the first qualified guide in the Balearics and works with great skill on mountain ranges across the world as well as on the island of Mallorca.
  • Member of the Spanish mountain guides association (AEGM)
  • 24 years of professional experience.

Some great reasons why you should hike with us:

  • Friendly team of local qualified experts offering their expertise on the sector in the Balearics.
  • We are from the Serra de Tramuntana and we live here.
  • Access permits and keys to private estates.
  • Interactive hikes with real information on history, culture and natural sciences.
  • Hikes within the area declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.
  • Hikes lasting between 2 and 6 hours.
  • A selection of all the best routes.

You choose your rhythm: On slower hikes the excursion tends to be more educational whereas faster hikes are more focused on physical exercise. Both options feature the chance to stop at points of cultural or scenic interest.
We also offer private climbing, canyoning and coasteering tours.