Caló de Sa Estaca


Level: Medium
Distance: 6 Km
Gradient: 400mts↑ 400mts↓
Time: 3,30h walking + breaks.
Route: “Ca Madò Pilla” (400m)- Chapel of Ramón Llull (350m)- “Caló de s’Estaca” (sea level)- Sightseeing point Sa Rassa” (300m)- “Ca Madò Pilla” (400m).
Description: From the Hotel Es Moli, transfer by van (5 min) to “Ca Madò Pilla”, the starter and finish point of the walk. From here we have to go down through the pine forest to reach “Es Caló de s’Estaca” (old fishing hamlet), and we go back, going up a different route, with amazing views of the area.
Main features: We are walking through the area which belonged to the Archduke Lluis Salvador, so we will see many architectural features from his time, special sightseeing points and the Chapel dedicated to Ramon Llull. Also we will visit the picturesque old fishing hamlet of “Es Caló de s’Estaca”.
Guide advice: Good health and reasonable fitness are important.