Valldemossa: one of Mallorca’s treasures

Valldemossa: one of Mallorca’s treasures

Discover the magic of Valldemossa from the comfort of Hotel Es Moli, your exclusive sanctuary in Deia. Just a few minutes’ drive from our hotel you will find Valldemossa, an enchanting village with invaluable historical value, amid the stunning natural beauty of the Serra de Tramuntana Mountain range.

Wake up in Hotel Es Moli, where hospitality and genuineness entwine among the magnificent Serra de Tramuntana mountains. After enjoying a delicious breakfast on a terrace with panoramic views, exploring Valldemossa is the perfect plan.

The renowned stone architecture and cobbled streets of Valldemossa will transport you to its historical past. Visit the Valldemossa Carthusian monastery, a 14th-century construction that has accommodated various distinguished guests, including Chopin and George Sand. Its courtyards and gardens are an open invitation to stroll around and bathe in the serene atmosphere.

Wander through the narrow streets, discover the charming local shops, and revel in Mallorca’s true ambiance. The Plaza de la Cartuja square is the ideal place to savour some coffee with delicious “coca de patata” (local pastry) and enjoy the scenery.

Back at Hotel Es Moli, relax in our facilities before a delicious dinner in our Restaurant Es Jardi, offering Mediterranean cuisine infused with local flavours.

We at Hotel Es Moli offer a unique stay with every comfort, as well as the opportunity to discover charming Valldemossa from the comfort of our lovely haven. An unforgettable experience in Mallorca awaits!

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