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Natural Hospitality

Our social commitment, Hotel Es Moli more than a hotel…

The Hotel Es Moli has been committed to sport, health and well-being for many years. We sponsor several sport clubs in the Serra de Tramuntana such as:

Club Aquatics Sóller

The Club Aquatics Sóller is a sport club founded in 2016 as a water polo club but has since grown to include other water sports.

Club de Fútbol Sóller

The Sóller Football Club was founded in 1954. The Club plays in the Third Division, Group 11, of the Spanish Football League.

Club de Fútbol Felanitx

Club Deportivo Felanitx is a Spanish football team located in Felanitx, founded in 1943. It plays in the Third Division, Group 11, playing home matches at the Estadio Es Torrentó-Mariona Caldentey.  

Asociación Cultural Es Seregall (Deia)

It is famous for its performances at the local festivals of Sant Joan and on other special occasions in the Deia Amphitheatre or in the Sala Sa Tanca. The performers in the shows are mostly locals of Deia.

Associació Ensemble Tramuntana

The Ensemble Tramuntana presents the festival “Nits Clàssiques de la Tramuntana”. They assemble every summer in Deià to offer a mini festival organised by the Deia City Council, “Deià Clásicos”. The concerts take place between the open-air amphitheatre, Sa Tanca and the church of Deia.

Club de Muntanya i Escalada Sóller (CMES)

The Sóller Mountain and Climbing Club, founded in 2007, offers hiking, climbing and canyoning activities as well as mountain navigation races. They participate in local and international events, with a constantly growing community.

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Hotel Es Moli in Deia, more than a hotel…

Discover more about Hotel Es Moli in
Deia, more than a Hotel…