Series Hotel Paradies

I Love the 80´s Mallorca

Series Hotel Paradies - I Love the 80's Mallorca

The Es Moli Hotel in Deia, a star on German television

Es Moli Hotel in Deia was the setting of the successful series “Hotel Paradies“, broadcast by the ZDF channel  on German television, in the 1990’s. Based on a book by Herbert Lichtenfeld, a total of 27 episodes of this family series were filmed at the Es Moli Hotel and around the village of Deia.

Grit Boettcher and Klaus Wildbolz played a nice couple, Lisa and Max Lindemann, who managed the Hotel Paradies in January 1990. These famous actors, and the landscapes of Mallorca, enamoured almost 18 million viewers twice a week, during prime time.

Grit Boettcher returned to Es Moli Hotel in August 2017, for the first time after more than 30 years. Read her comments in the German magazine “Das Neue Blatt“, with photographs by Jan Kohlrusch, as well as the interview by Andreas John in “Die InselZeitung“.

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