History of the Hotel Es Moli in Deia

Throughout the centuries, the Masroig des Moli family, a generous family with a strong relationship with the Church, managed Es Moli and maintained its heritage until the time of the Archduke at the end of the 19th century.

In 1459, Joan Masroig, son of a rural bourgeois family, acquired Es Moli near Deia, an estate with olive trees and two windmills. Deia had the best conditions for olive oil production: limestone land and abundant water. Several descriptions also highlight the richness and beauty of the Es Moli orchard. In 1695 Es Moli ranked fifth among Deia‘s largest estates.

The Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Habsburg, a neighbor of Es Moli, acquired the Son Marroig estate, among others, and in his publications, described with much detail and affection, the life and customs of the local inhabitants.

In 1965 a German businessman and his family visited Deia, fell in love with the estate and the garden, bought the property and transformed it into the Es Moli Hotel.

In the 1990s, the German television channel ZDF broadcast 24 episodes of “Hotel Paradies“, a very popular series filmed at the Es Moli Boutique Hotel in Deia.

Hotel Es Moli, pool in 1964
Hotel Es Moli, pool in 1964
Hotel Es Moli, garden in 1965
Hotel Es Moli, main building in 1965
Hotel Es Moli, flamenco show in 1970
Hotel Es Moli, Mallorcan Bolero show in 1970
Hotel Es Moli, room in the 60´s
Hotel Es Moli, garden in 1965

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