The furry, four legged members of the Es Moli Family

The furry, four legged members of the Es Moli Family

The Hotel Es Moli in Deia, Mallorca is also home to three very special members, our Mallorcan breed donkeys, we introduce you to Lluna, Negret and Fosca. Two females and one male that inhabit the mountainside and the terraces behind the Can Quet Restaurant.

The Mallorcan donkey breed is currently in danger of extinction, they are animals between 1.40m and 1.50m tall, and are characterized by being animals of a docile and noble character. They adapt perfectly to the Mallorcan terrain and help to keep the land and terraces clean, which reduces the risk of forest fires.

Have you heard them? You can hear the braying of LLuna, Negret or Fosca on several occasions throughout the day. They are unmistakable, especially when they hear Sebastián, one of our gardeners, bringing them some delicious carob beans.

Where can I see them? You will see them from the pool terrace looking towards the terraces of the Can Quet Restaurant. There among the pines and bushes they continue their work or simply lie down to have a sleep.

Can I visit them? We prefer that LLuna, Negret and Fosca carry out their work and live in tranquillity without distractions.

For more information, please do not hesitate to consult our reception staff.

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